Saturday, November 21

I'm at WAR!

Maths,Moral and ADDMATHS :) on the wayy,am so happy can't wait for the papers
Thanks to shizun,he got the answer for SEJ paper 1 i score 33/40 could help loads!

Hello Sunday,it's morning (: i miss my friends so much,they are all so SMART now .Tee-hee
I wonder why SPM papers really going so fast on time,not as slow as i expected before.It is a good news thou *smiley* Not knowing that i still don't have the real freedom after SPM,it's pretty sucks to face them at all times but i want to enjoy more when i'm a teen duh. =D


ReAL NOT,just spam my cbox as much as you love.FOC :)

As my love son said, i'm wasting my time to BLOG,but you are wasting your time to READ :)

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