Monday, November 30

i love the gloomy day for today.

The sky is so dark now,i hope i could breathe fresh air when i open the window later.
It's fun being around you.
my flu is getting better.Parent said bring us to watch 2012 today but too bad the tickets were sold out everytime i wanted to do online booking. I think im having a slight fever because of reading bio for whole day until the paper starts.

CLICK on the pictures!
Previously was
but they have now become a new shop website with all glamorous clothes,
They have their own models too with all great outfits on them.

Just pay a visit :)
Remembered?? i asked to help me and join the oxy thing in
I just need around one hundred more :)
This is what you need to do with the help of the pictures.
As you see in the attached picture,im like hundred far away from the grand prize.Yeap im in TOP 3 already.
Thank you for those lovelies who had supported me before.
1 ) CLICK class attack
2 ) CLICK gallery
3 ) CLICK most visited
4 ) You'll see PUI YAN classroom ,click it to visit.
5 ) Sign up.

click on the picture,i had modified what you need to do :)

will go for a rest now,

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