Saturday, November 7

break me bit by bit,

What it takes,,
Without you,
First of all,we must concentrate on Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah :) Chemisty still has a month to go right babe?
We know which sections that are important for this year SPM,all of us are rushing and waiting for the stupid paper.I also need to RUSH for my syllabus huh? =D

Gladly,every FORM 5 who studies in Smk Bukit Jalil please attend to the school more often because you'll miss the fun part loads

He said,she said,whoever had said ! Whatever,now isn't the right time to blame anyone huh?I do really hate the new FACEBOOK news feed live thingy.It's so annoying.

CHEESE,i just back from Sunway with some goodies in my rooms :)
Pasta Zanmai :D
PuiSee :)
Spm :) HAHA
Shihlin Street
lazy updates ~haha what's more than SPM? :O
it's flooding most of the Form 5 bakal calon SPM

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my love towards you ,

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