Monday, November 23

1.15 morning | randomness KU

Making love with my moral values NOW!
Mathematics was Super fun and syiokk.I did every single questions which makes me feel better :D
It's 1.15am now,most of the SPM candidates are having sweet dreams while im online-ing here.
Plusss,camwhore because MORAL is boring.
5 more days ! i wanna go PD lehh,sobs *emo face*
Seriously 100% not edited webcam pictures.
Nice ehhhh,
I muacks you sayang :)
Sorrry really too hyper because too much moral values
THERE'S 36 !
i'm not even halfway;
*cough* not mine,mahh sis boutique edition monopoly.
How many years didn't touch monopoly,it used to be fun few back years :)

For those who are Still LOST at last minutes for MORAL tomorrow!
1) memorise all the 36 dumb shits,you have too
2)huraikan,jelaskan,terangkan (need nilai,penerangan,contoh)
3)Esei (one paragraph,nilai,**penerangan,contoh,** X 2 then,repeat with another nilai with same paragraph )
-Should get more than credit babe
I will be quiet if you want too *hint*

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