Wednesday, November 25

Undo me duhh.

Feeling bored right now
Feels like shopping again.
addmaths had gone already :(
POP PRINCESS-You keep living like you're a movie star
But tell me who you really are
When the lights go down
x) Gonna go to bed soon,loves py.

I love ADD MATHS !
Paper1 was quick easy,paper 2 was disaster but i managed to do most of them :)
Paper 2 section A is super hard rated for above 17 section B i did 4 questions and section C i did 3 questions.
I hope it will help me getting a B or A- better than nothing.
Moral was quite easy thou but DARN PAIN KEEP WRITE WRITE AND WRITE -.-
SPM is so fast,three more subject and i'm done my form 5.
Pretty much miss my friends and school life,but escaped from those school's rule ,
Finally,science subjects biology,physics and chemistry papers,those 3 papers in a subjects.
Whole thick book content must squeeze into my brain just for few hours.*urgh*
Just now was bored,edited some pictures :P
Oxy 10 is very useful during SPM :)
im serious la.haha
It does help.
face faded already.
Oh LALA ,Gaga-licious
My superb friend,Randy Oh aka SON is leaving us next year to Australia ;( we're gonna miss you.I really wanna go PD with the premium SUITES *faint*

Is everything fine?

Did you hear about microdermal piercing before?
Microdermal piercings are permanent body piercings. You will also hear them referred to as dermal anchoring or microdermal implants.
Microdermals look pleasing and aesthetic and are rapidly becoming very popular. They are considered a cool alternative to surface body piercing because they are permanent. They are quick and convenient.
What Does The Process Of Microdermal Piercing Involve?
This basically involves a single piercing on the body where only the one part of the jewelry is visible on the skin’s surface. The other part is just under the skin, held in place by a titanium plate, which has many holes in it so that the tissue may grow through it, nicely anchoring your jewelry. To avoid any risks of rejection steel is usually not used.
*macam terstick diamond in your skin,sakitnya*
am gonna WATCH 2012 tmr.*smile*

I miss you :(
Those summer day's ,
just me and you.

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