Saturday, November 14

I fill my time just to think about you.

I'm alive :)

3 more days :)
Can you believe it?How exciting is it and i still havn't study.Congratulates me!

;I went to school for the whole week,am so hardworking but then it's alright.After this,i will miss school but not my pinafore =P
;This week school,my teacher PN.H was being a bitch again and caused allt he Form5 have to packed and sweat in a "detention room"

Brought Twinkle to saloon today,omg she changed alot after her hair cuts.She looks better and cuter.I almost caught sick yesterday because i had a little headache and flu.I still have my friends whose always be by myside and support me :]
You'd never realise when someone is really loving you or you have a crush on them.Well,you're just wasting your time on someone whose already in love.
1st : Get charged by him
2nd : Get his smile no matter it's fake one
3rd : Make some eye contact
4th : Walk away in the opposite direction and make the SIGHS faces.Lol.
Is there any other way to say those three WORDS ? =)
I wish all my Friends Who's gonna sit my SPM 2009
All the Best

Make me feel so good when i'm hurt so bad.

Pain without love

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