Sunday, November 8

10,000 fists across my mind had extended for you

His image is just keep flashing and playing in my mind everytime i close my eye :)
Bloody hell,do you know what's private and confidential?There's better way to care someone you love.Seriously,i really wanted to study for this stupid SPM but always i get distracted by something else.Please let me focus T.T arghh.
Tell me why do i love you so much ? :)
Loads of random pictures,see!I went to school but end up sleeping in class.Well,i had counted about 14 more days im off from smkbj :D WHAT'S SEJARAH ?
Sometimes you will not know whether you're end up with dilemma cases,hard to figure but sad to know more about what's you wanna know further about something or someone dilemma Pictures, Images and Photos
I had forgotten to upload my darlings' photos during kasturi seminar last weekend,
boonkyan and shizun

Jonathanpravin & me*sry for the sleepy face* haha
Sorry boonkyan,this time my face cacated hahah!i crop it,i had one more picture of you very sweet and nice but i decided to keep it for myself *evil laugh*Hope he understand muahaha :D he's gonna chop me into pieces.
i don't know a single shit about BIOLOGY !
Cut off the craps :)
Most of my friends are so hardworking for SPM,what about me *ngekngek*
How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me
You're the part of me that I don't wanna see I'll think i'll go ANTI-LOVE.
Who is really need it.I mean butterflies in my tummy&heart skipping beats can't be that safe huh.

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