Monday, November 30

looking out the window :)

Im looking for you from here,
FAR Far far away from me.

I studied the whole day long for two years syllabus of Biology will never enough,i won't regret.Everything about biology is OVER! yes,no more seeing bone structure and cells thingy anymore.Today paper,i was blank.I wrote all crap in my essays.It's not working but just to satisfied myself with the paper full of blue ink.There's something wrong with my facebook,it's like updated then it's then not.Two more freaking subjects.OMG,i really couldn't believe that SPM will be ending in so fast.

I'm already having sick now and difficulties of breathing because my nose was blocked.urgh,
I guess the memo is still blank with things to do after SPM,what would the life will be?
I don't wanna imagine,gosh.

There's no more privacy after all,you are reading it too.However,you'll never understand a single word no matter how many thousands of times u keep refreshing the page.
ARE YOU CHOOSING FOR A SUIT CASE and running out from here with a pair of slippers only.LOL
it's funny to hear about it,

new moon,py you MUST watch .He's so HOT !!

Havnt watched 2012?i TELL you that the graphic is fcking awesome and it's DAMN nice!!
PY; yes i knw :( IT'S SPM ,tau?
Bloody flu.

I wanna have more more more and more...

Aaaaahhhhhh CHIIUUUU ! @.@

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