Sunday, November 1

The All American Rejects !

I'm happy because i get to spend times with you no matter it's sweet or bitter.
Im here :) finish uploading all the pictures finally ! Yesterday woke up early in the morning head to kasturi seminar then go makan makan ,then grab shizun's car to bukit jalil for THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS ! I didn't get to uplaod all the photos here because the pictures are flooding :P Anyways,if you guys wanna view more pictures,then go to my facebook .Oh yea .there's video clips tooo .

Was to search michelle and sonia lee there but couldn't :(
Let's boop
My dad is dancing
with chun sian
with tasha
Happy Halloween ,Let's kill !
Me driving,i mean posing ehemmm,both~
He's hunting for me !
Lots of human,boys and girls with insufficient OXYGEN!
Alright,i stand or queue for 1 hour plus,whatever,HOT!
Finally,we've GOT IN!
That's Randy Oh La La
This is Rekha Yathry :D
After that,
This is Chun Haw's brother,very look alike to him lol.
Kher Yuee
The bitches
"Save the Earth"
All started to dance stupid moves
Brandon Peter !
Killing is our bussiness!
Brandon and Jonathan :)
My sweet dreams,i don't mind having him in my beautiful nightmare!
i love you.
nothing much for me to say,
i felt so comfortable when you're beside me.
I'm smiling when im with you,eventually i when i sense someting,inside of me suffer pain.

Tadaa~ Tomorrow still got SCHOOL! =0
What the hell am i doing right here haahah!

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